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People in the world lives with serious mental disorder

Mental Disorders

Cost the global economy $1 trillion in lost productivity each year

5 to 10

Adults in the world live with serious mental disorders without seeking any form of treatment.

1 in 5

People live with suicide thoughts and self harm tendency especially the youth

About Us

Mental wealth matter more than mental knowledge; because Knowledge is power but power is not Love.

Here at the cosmic consciousness foundation, we believe that the future of mental health is in the power of love and not the love of power; and we are taking actions through a cosmic consciousness initiative to diligently suggest better approach in the way people improve their overall mental health condition, with hope to show the world that cosmic consciousness is the true nature of the human mind since the dawn of time; and we want to that by sharing revealing discoveries about the mind in different forms of teaching program that can easily be verified, and proven through a very familiar and reliable method called human experience. And we want you to join force with us and learn more about our missions so we can revolutionize mental health in the world with cosmic consciousness together.


Our Core values


If nothing is done to add value on the collective belief of the public regarding mental health crisis in the U.S then nothing will get better, and children will have to inherit mental incoordination just like their parent did before them. The key idea of the cosmic consciousness initiative is to gently break the current mental regime cycle and quickly suggest a better one for the future.



To make good on the commitments to revolutionize mental health in America with cosmic consciousness. The foundation made communities-based approach a top priority to conduct its major future projects.


Go big or go home!
The real Mission is how we address the importance of cosmic consciousness to the people, and what we do everyday to start the conversation on the idea of self-heroism because that will determine how we use our resources, and skills to help support our communities prosper.


“In the Land of the free”
Everyone expects the best from society every single day. Our mission is to publicly identify and establish the best immune approach to mental health, then create a stronger risk assessment framework to help reduce the number of lives lost everyday due to the dogmatic inadequacy of the current mental healthcare systems.

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