Hi I’m Patrick Nana the founder and I’ll be your personal guide. I dedicated this section to help you get started, help you find your (why), and help alleviate some basics concerns you may have toward the cosmic consciousness initiative and any desires to join the mission.
Though cosmic consciousness has been around for 3000 plus years, I started my search for cosmic consciousness at age nine, and made ground breaking discoveries of the human mind that lead me to the development of the best cosmic consciousness practice and understanding in the world, and our goal is to prove the world that our theory is the best way to build mental health faster, and heal the mind from mental illness effortlessly through a program Called achieve cosmic consciousness in 21 days.
For new learners and non expert, cosmic consciousness is just the opposite effect of chaotic consciousness; which is a condition where the human mind is more inclined to follow the chaotic disorder of lives more than the cosmic order and significances of life. So the question is not why cosmic consciousness, but what is the difference between the cosmic order of life and chaotic disorder and how to identify it.
Therefore, during the development of the cosmic consciousness initiative, I opted for a more familiar and friendly methodical approach to better expose the patterns of what cosmic consciousness really about.
And accordingly the approach to learn more about cosmic consciousness was made familiar, simple, and easy to follow.
  • As simple as counting from number 0 to number 9 in order.
  • As easy as learning the Alphabet and knowing why A comes before B, and B comes before C.
  • As familiar as learning why multiplication always comes before addition in math, and why there is an unchangeable order in operation.
  • As familiar as why giving comes before receiving in terms of life’s value and growth, and why not knowing the difference can bring great disorder and long-term unbalance to the mind.
  • As easy as why making peace with oneself is the first step to take, before re-aligning and re-Uniting with anything else capable of fulfillment.
  • As easy as why creating life energy for others, is a more solid state-of-the-art than consuming life energy from others and the world around you.
  • And last but not least, as easy as why self-control comes before any relationship you may have with your ego and emotion because letting your ego run freely is the same as running the risk of being controlled by your own ego and getting stuck in bad mental habits.


Wether you follow the cosmic rules or not, there are greater forces at play in this life which will always make the difference between your Mental order and mental disorder; and the process to restore the order back into the human minds and help access its true potential is know as Cosmic Consciousness. For more example read below carefully.

What is cosmic consciousness?

Familiar with the term BAD HABITS DIE HARD! The study of cosmic consciousness reveals that there is an enemy factor and a savior factor inside every human mind. In fact, in its current state the mind is unable to freely detach from the enemy factor; causing the mind to naturally favor negativity, such as self-sabotaging behaviors, and naturally disregard positivity, like mental healing behaviors. And, nothing changes until some form of extreme discipline is added to the mist to help support and grow positivity in the body so the mind can break free, and finally restore itself before it’s too late. However, there is a better way! Once the mind evolves further into its cosmic consciousness state or shit toward the savior and hero factors; the opposite effect begins to happen: bad habits start to fade away quickly and GOOD HABITS BEGIN TO GROW FASTER.