About Us

“The Cosmic consciousness foundation is a nonprofit organization establishing a natural mental healthcare regime system to save millions of lives in the world from the current mental healthcare standard”


Our Mission

Our mission is to break the cycle of mental illness with mental St-illness by helping people achieve cosmic consciousness and learn more about the evolutionary nature of the human mind through 3 Levels of commitments.


Reduce The Suicide Rate

We are committed to help reduce the suicide rate related to mental illness starting with America then the rest of the world.

Higher Education In Human Evolution

We naturally identify area of the human mind which best support the formation of behavioral viscous circle then provide to all age learners; harmonious and corrective measures to attack the negative patterns from the root of the problem via regular teaching of the truth

Revolutionize Mental Health

We are committed to forever revolutionize the way people take action to improve their overall mental health condition naturally effortlessly and lovingly.

Meet The Founder

Meet The Founder

Humanitarian, philanthropist, and spiritual entrepreneur Patrick Nana set out on a bold mission: to progressively revolutionize the current mental healthcare system in the world, starting with America, and free millions of people from the cycle of poor mental health and suicide with the cosmic consciousness initiative. Patrick Nana doesn’t only believe that doing the right thing is not enough if you don’t do it the right way; he also proves that doing things the right way has a far better impact on the human mind than just trying to do the best you can, because ignorance is not a shield against life consequences.


Therefore, he started the cosmic consciousness initiative with the hope of showing as many people as possible that there are greater forces at play in this life, and whether or not you follow them, they will always make the difference between mental disorder and mental order in the world. For example: It seems very harmless not to know which value comes first between discipline and freedom, but if you place mental freedom before mental discipline, you will lose mental freedom due to lack of mental discipline and be left with nothing but emptiness in the end.


However, by placing discipline first, you will get both mental discipline and mental freedom to enjoy overtime, then possibly gain access to more spiritual values and character gain.
It’s just that simple! And the same goes for money and happiness; privileges and character; values and fame; love and power; and the list goes on and on for hours.